Yes, you can access US NFX and American NFX through Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN networks.

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A subscription-based streaming service that needs no introduction to almost anyone. Over 150 million subscriptions worldwide (including 60 million within the United States) speak for themselves. The streamer, producer and distributor of VOD content, has crossed many barriers since its humble beginnings as a DVD rental service.

Global expansion of NFX

It is hard to find a country now in which people have not heard of NFX. It serves basically almost every country in the world (well, except for such places as mainland China or North Korea) and can easily be accessed via multiple devices and operating systems. Each national version of NFX has its own flavors and local titles.

Still American NFX has the widest range of titles with numerous movies, Originals, multi-episode TV shows and kids’ goodies to be watched wherever you are. The plethora of devices which support NFX apps make it one of the most versatile platforms that you can watch at home or take with you while traveling.

With multiple deals including such names as DreamWorks, NBC, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Dark Horse, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer or Paramount Pictures and its global availability, NFX is now one of the most popular choices among streaming enthusiasts. Clear and appealing interface, variety of titles and categories which can be selected and multitude of pricing plans make it attractive option for all movie fans. And Getflix is the best service that can deliver this king of cinematic entertainment right to your doorstep.

US NFX and Smart DNS

The easiest way to access US NFX is signing up with Getflix, configuring our DNS service to work with your device or home network (it is an easy thing to do that does not require any specialist knowledge or additional software) and starting to enjoy a wide range of great movies and shows. You have 14 days for free to test how it works and get the taste of the best streaming experience on the web.

Getflix Smart DNS is a state-of-the-art technology that uses rerouting as a means of directing some of your Internet traffic through designated servers. It has no effect on your Internet connection, keeps your traffic secure and makes it possible to reach the locations that are otherwise unavailable to you due to geo-restrictions. You can set it up on your home router making your entire home network capable of streaming from numerous platforms. You can also easily set up our service on individual devices that you can take with you while traveling. Other devices include smart TVs, tablets, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and many other Internet-capable devices. The possibilities are endless.

Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN

Our support is always ready to help you with the setup process should you have any difficulties. Getflix also gives you an opportunity to use its VPN technology. It is used to hide you IP and to browse the Internet in the most secure and anonymous way due to heavy encryption. You can use it to access streaming services in distant locations, securely use Wi-Fi spots and other public open Internet access areas or protect your valuable data from thieves and hackers.

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Get started with a 14 days free trial.

No credit card required.

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